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Company uses 'edible barcodes' in fight against counterfeit drug trade

By Brian Mastroianni

Who knew that the answer to fighting the trillion-dollar global counterfeit drug problem rested in a particle the size of a speck of dust? At least that’s what entrepreneur Dr. Hank Wuh is counting on with TruTag Technologies, one of the companies that falls under the larger umbrella of Skai Ventures, the tech-focused venture capital accelerator that he founded. The central idea behind the tech company are “TruTags” - invisible, edible barcodes that can be planted right onto medicine to verify that the pills and tablets you might consume are the real deal.

Back in 2014, the company was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. According to Wuh, a medical doctor, this kind of wider recognition is an indication that these bite-size barcodes could play a role in a tech revolution sweeping through medicine.

“It’s (TruTag) is really a game-changer,” Wuh told “This has huge implications for healthcare. Think about healthcare economics, think about public health — it impacts all of those areas. We think of this technology as a tremendous way to sort of improve the system.”

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