Riviera Distribs., Inc. v. Jones
Segal v. Geisha NYC, LLC

Ty Inc. v. Softbelly's, Inc.

Ty Inc., the manufacturer of “Beanie Babies,” years ago brought this suit for trademark infringement under the Lanham Act against Softbelly’s, Inc., and some other defendants that need not be discussed separately. Softbelly’s manufactures a product that looks and feels very much like “Beanie Babies,” which it calls “Screenie Beanies.” They differ from Ty’s product mainly in having chamois bellies and being sold to the public through computer stores for wiping computer screens: hence the chamois.

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To summarize, the grant of the injunction against Softbelly’s is affirmed, but the case is remanded for the entry of a damages judgment of $713,000 against Softbelly’s minus the attorney’s fees incurred by Softbelly’s in the sanction litigation. Whether the damages judgment should be augmented by prejudgment interest we leave to the district judge to decide in the first instance.

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