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Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corp. v. Velan, Inc.

The United States District Court for the Western District of Texas issued a preliminary injunction in favor of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation (Curtiss-Wright). After construing claims of U.S. Patent No. 6,565,714 (the ’714 patent), the trial court determined that Curtiss-Wright had shown a likelihood of success on the merits of its infringement action against Velan, Inc. Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corp. v. Velan, Inc., Civil Action No. SA-04-CA-1157-OG, slip op. at 18 (W.D. Tex. 2005) (Preliminary Injunction Order). Because the district court erred in its construction of the term “adjustable,” this court vacates the preliminary injunction and remands.

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